Buying Land in Colac

At Build in Colac, we believe that working with a land buying advocate is the best way to find the right block of land.  Whilst real estate agents specialise in helping you find the perfect home, a land buying advocate specialises in helping you find the perfect block of land.  Home buying and home building are after all two completely different processes and it can be beneficial to work with someone who understands the home building process intimately.


There's lots to consider when buying land which is why it's the area where the biggest and most costly mistakes are made. But the good news is that they can be avoided.


With the right advice it can be easy for you to find the perfect block of land and build your perfect home.  What's more it doesn't have to blow the budget.



We help you make the big decisions when it comes to building a home. Helping you navigate the land buying process is one way we can help you have a happy and successful home building experience.

New land blocks for sale in Colac

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how to buy a block of land in Colac

If you decide to buy a block of land in Colac, then understanding the land buying process will save you time, money and stress.

We've created a resource that includes everything you need to know about buying land.  It's called Land The Ultimate Guide and it is the third module in our Building Home Masterclass system.  The Ultimate Land Guide shares in simple language the most important things you need to know about buying land.  It's the kind of information that will ensure you avoid the biggest mistakes made.  For example it'll answer questions such as:

What do I need to consider when buying land?
What restrictions & covenants should I look out for?
What will be my site costs?
How does a sloping block affect my site costs?
Who is a conveyancer & what is a title?
What are the advantages of 'pre-sales'?
Why is land often sold 'off the plan'?
What's the difference between a sales plan and a plan of subdivision?
How can I save stamp duty and get the FHOG?
Who can help me to find the perfect block?

The Ultimate Land Buying Guide is packed with essential information that you should know about when choosing your perfect place to call home. You can get instant access to it in the members area of Build in Colac's sister site Build In Oz.