Colac House and Land Packages

We're here to set the record straight.

House and Land Packages aren't what you think

If you're looking for misleading house and land packages, you won't find them here on Build In Colac. 'Packages' are often little more than marketing brochures where a builder and land owner have matched up their block and a floorplan.  The good news is that we give you what you need to easily create  your best House and Land package, one that guarantees you'll build the a new home that lets you live your best lifestyle.

The truth is that at Wyuna Estate you can build any home you like using any floorplan and have it built by any builder, even if you see that same block advertised as a 'package' somewhere else. In fact, the only house and land package that you should be looking at is the one you create yourself.

Creating your own House and Land package for Wyuna Estate in Colac can be easy.  Simply choose an individual lot plan you love and then simply find or design a floorplan that suits the dimensions.

Purchasing a House & Land Package in Colac

If you find a house and land package you want to purchase, you should first contact our Land Specialist Sam Stevens to see if the lot is still available for sale. If it's not, he will have other similar suggestions to help your realise your dream combination of house and land. Whilst we make every effort to keep our sales updates up to date, there’s always a change that a block has very recently sold and isn’t shown on the update.

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