Our top 10 tips for Home Building in Colac

1. FINDING THE BEST BLOCK FOR YOUR HOME If you’re thinking of home Building in Colac, you’ll want to ensure that you are choosing a block in an area that delivers a good investment for you now and … Read More

Become a Home Owner

Renting? Do you rent a house in Colac but want to become a home owner? If so, you’re not going to like the saying ‘Rent is dead money’. Let’s face it, paying off someone else’s asset … Read More

Building can save you money

Most people are quite surprised when they learn that building is like buying wholesale.  It’s true, all things being equal, building can save you money.  It’s similar in that often, your new built home will be worth … Read More

Save thousands in Stamp Duty when you choose to Build

No Stamp Duty on Building! Building a house will save you thousands in Stamp Duty. When you buy an existing home you will pay Stamp Duty on top of the purchase price.  Stamp Duty is a … Read More

$20,000 First Home Owners Grant Colac

First Home Owners in Colac – Escape the Rent Trap today! Building is a great option for first home owners. Why? 1. First Home Owners Grant The $20,000 Victorian First Home Owners Grant is only available to … Read More